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Technical Service

Technical Services Departments provide yearly training through Concrete Technology Seminars.


Slump test being performed on concrete produced in the Laboratory 


Buzzi Unicem USA's River Region Concrete Technology Seminar was originally developed in 1987 as a tool to train our sales staff and employees. It has since evolved into an annual Buzzi Unicem USA customer seminar. The weeklong St. Louis, MO based program focuses on the properties and applications regarding materials, specifications, and procedures employed to produce and install quality concrete.


Classroom discussion on hot and cold weather concreting practices

The Program

The seminar begins with an introduction to the materials that are used to produce ready mixed concrete, mix design theory and methodology. We continue the tradition of providing participants with a tour of our production facility located in Festus, Missouri. Participants get to witness first hand the numerous quality controls in place throughout the production process. The program reviews many ASTM and ACI documents applicable to concrete and concrete materials. The class receives instruction on placing and finishing concrete, curing procedures, hot and cold weather concreting, surface defects, petrographic analysis, and the basics of masonry cement (to name a few). Participants are also given the opportunity to apply what they have learned by proportioning and producing an actual trial batch of concrete and perform all applicable ACI Grade I field tests.


Classroom discussion on hot
and cold weather concreting

 Stockertown Annual Quality Concrete Seminar attendees.

The Future
We continue to update the program based on the latest innovations regarding concrete technology and feedback received from our participants. Buzzi Unicem USA is committed to service and education of both its employees and customers.

Slump test being performed on concrete produced in the Laboratory

Buzzi Unicem USA - Stockertown Plant Annual Quality Concrete Seminars

The Seminars are attended by customers
responsible for mix designs, production and
quality control.  We also have contractors
and Department of Transportation personnel
attend our seminars.

A total of 41 individuals attended the 27th Annual Seminar.


For the past 27 years, the Technical Services Department at the Stockertown Plant has been providing Annual Quality Concrete Seminars. With an enrollment of approximately forty students per year, to date over 1,100 participants have benefited from the instruction. Two back-to-back classes are typically held in late February or early March, which consists of four full days of instruction. The subject matter covered includes cement, aggregates, and all other components of normal, lightweight, high-strength and metric concrete. The plant tour is always one of the highlights for the participants. The Seminar is a combination of classroom instruction as well as hands-on experience.