Four Buzzi Unicem USA Plants Receive ENERGY STAR AWARD
02 November 2013

Four Buzzi Unicem USA Plants Receive ENERGY STAR AWARD

Buzzi Unicem USA recently announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) have awarded four of its U.S. cement manufacturing plants the ENERGY STAR® label for their superior energy performance. Buzzi’s plants in Chattanooga, TN; Festus, MO; Maryneal, TX; and Pryor, OK received the honor.

This marks the fourth consecutive year the Chattanooga, Festus, and Maryneal plants have received certification, while it is the second consecutive year that the Pryor plant received the award.

In order to qualify for ENERGY STAR® recognition, cement plants must score at least 75 on the Energy Performance Indicator (EPI), used by the EPA to measure energy efficiency. In addition, the plant must have a three-year history of environmental compliance.

The ENERGY STAR® program is a joint initiative by the EPA and DOE that focuses on strategic energy management and emphasizes the importance of demonstrating environmental leadership for future generations.

Buzzi Plant Celebrates Safety Milestone
17 September 2013

Buzzi Plant Celebrates Safety Milestone

Buzzi Unicem USA’s Pryor, Okla., cement plant recently celebrated one year without a lost time accident. In early August 2012 all plant employees were recognized for achieving this goal with a luncheon and shirts honoring their hard work and dedication to safety.

President and CEO David Nepereny congratulated the plant employees on reaching this milestone reiterating, “Workplace safety is the number one priority for Buzzi Unicem USA.” Lawrence Hoffis, senior vice president of operations, and Clint Irvin, corporate safety and health director, also spoke at the luncheon, praising the plant workers for their diligent efforts and philosophy of safety first.

Plant Manager David Puzan and Mike Mann, the plant’s safety and health manager, concluded the celebration by thanking the employees for their efforts to work each day in a safe and responsible manner.