10 February 2023

Buzzi Unicem USA and Alamo Cement Company change Portland Cement production to enhance sustainability in their operations


In keeping with their commitment to the environment and the Portland Cement Association’s Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality, Buzzi Unicem USA announced the full conversion from traditional ASTM C150 Type I and II cements (OPC) to ASTM C595 Type IL (PLC) cement to improve CO2 footprint. The conversion began with plants in Cape Girardeau and Festus, Missouri; Greencastle, Indiana; Maryneal, Texas; and Pryor, Oklahoma, which made the transition to Type IL (PLC) by the end of Q1 2022. Alamo Cement Company in San Antonio, Texas, completed its transition by mid-2022 followed by Chattanooga, Tennessee, plant in Q3 2022. And finally, Stockertown, Pennsylvania, plant was fully converted at the end of 2022.

These excellent products have been widely used in Europe (as well as other countries) for many years and have a lower CO2 emissions intensity than the ones of cements commonly used up to now by our customers in the USA.

The Portland limestone cements developed by Buzzi Unicem USA have the same performance characteristics as standard Portland cement, they can be produced at any plant in the country and are distributed in both bulk and in bags.

Type IL (PLC) cement can reduce the CO2 emissions up to 15% in comparison with traditional cement.

With these changes, Buzzi Unicem USA and Alamo Cement are supporting the cement industry’s goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050.

03 March 2023

Alamo Cement Company Launches Solar Power System in Texas



Alamo Cement Company Launches Solar Power System in Texas


The plant will have the largest customer-owned solar power
in the Greater San Antonio area


San Antonio, TX March 2, 2023 – Efforts to scale-up clean power in the cement industry just got brighter. Alamo Cement Company today announced the completion of their new solar power system in San Antonio, Texas, advancing the company’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions and align itself with the cement industry’s goal of reaching carbon neutrality.


The 45-acre solar panel field (the equivalent of 35 football fields) is estimated to generate up to 15 percent of the plant’s yearly energy consumption while reducing emissions and electricity costs. 


Alamo Cement is committed to furthering the cement industry’s goal of decarbonizing and this project is a major step in the right direction,” said Massimo Toso, President and CEO of Alamo Cement Company and President and CEO of Buzzi Unicem USA Inc. “We continue to look for more opportunities to enhance sustainability in our operations, and plan to build on our experience from this San Antonio project and explore implementing additional renewable power systems within our Group.”


Full use of this renewable energy system is estimated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 8,000 tons per year. As energy demands rise, this on-site power system also has the added benefit of reducing dependence on the local power grid thus alleviating stress on the electrical grid serving the San Antonio region. 


“I am incredibly proud of the multi-discipline work that went into this first-of-its-kind project for Alamo Cement in San Antonio. It is an example of the type of collaboration necessary to continue to unlock and apply new energy sources for cement producers,” said William Kovacs, Director of Engineering and Construction Management part of the technical and management team assisting Alamo Cement Company. “It was a collective effort that brought together our corporate team, CPS Energy and regional engineering firms and contractors.”  


The company has made a significant investment in this renewable power project, which has the capacity to generate up to 17,800 megawatt-hours (MWh) per year. It is the largest customer‑owned solar power project in the CPS Energy service area, which includes Bexar County and portions of its seven surrounding counties.


“We are proud to support Alamo Cement as they invest in more sustainable energy right here in our community,” said Jonathan Tijerina, VP of Enterprise Risk and Development at CPS Energy. “Projects like this are a testament to the work CPS Energy has done and continues to do in collaborating with those who share a common goal of moving towards a sustainable future for our city and are committed to reducing the local demand for energy.”



Learn more about Alamo Cement Company or read about the industry’s commitment to carbon reduction in the Portland Cement Association Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality.


For additional information and media inquiries, please contact Dan Nugent at daniel.nugent@buzziunicemusa.com.





Alamo Cement Company and Buzzi Unicem USA


Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Alamo Cement Company is wholly controlled by Buzzi Unicem S.p.A. The Company operates with a remarkable vertical integration in the ready-mix concrete and natural aggregates sector through 78 batching plants and four aggregate quarries. Alamo Cement has been a reliable source of quality construction products for the San Antonio region since 1880.


Buzzi Unicem USA Inc., part of the Buzzi Unicem group, is one of the leading cement manufacturing companies in the USA. Headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Buzzi Unicem USA serves the Midwest, Southwest, Northeast and Southeast sections of the country.


With over 2,200 valued employees, the companies operate 8 cement plants, with an annual production capacity of approximately 10 million metric tons, and 36 cement terminals across the country, which distribute its cement products to over 20 states. Together Alamo Cement Company and Buzzi Unicem USA supply portland and masonry cement products to more than 3,800 customers in the construction industry. Learn more about Buzzi Unicem’s approach to sustainability.


06 December 2023

Massimo Toso Elected PCA Board Chairman

The Portland Cement Association (PCA), the premier policy, research, education and market intelligence organization serving America’s cement manufacturers, elected Buzzi Unicem USA’s President and CEO, Massimo Toso, as the PCA Board Chairman. The elections took place this week, during the final meeting of 2023.


He has served the last year as Vice Chair.


“We must confirm our goal to be part of the carbon reduction program defined by the PCA Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality and be sure that cement and concrete will remain the most resilient and sustainable construction materials in the market.” Toso remarked.


In October 2021, PCA’s Board of Directors set forth the industry’s Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality, defining the overall strategy for the cement, concrete and construction industries to collaborate in initiatives to cut carbon emissions and reach neutrality by the year 2050.


Buzzi Unicem USA congratulates our President and CEO on his new role with the PCA!

03 November 2023

Chattanooga Plant Celebrates Historic 100th Anniversary

From starting as the Signal Mountain Cement Plant in October 1923, to what is now our Buzzi Unicem USA Chattanooga Plant, numerous changes have taken place over the years, along with the creation of cherished memories and stories.


Our Chattanooga Plant observed their 100th Anniversary with a celebration held at the Chattanooga Convention Center. Over 300 current employees, retirees, customers and other special guests attended the event. Guests had the opportunity to explore a history walk featuring photos and historical facts about the Plant over the years, and the Nervi exhibit, displaying the work of Pier Luigi Nervi, the Italian architect who used reinforced concrete in his designs. Attendees also enjoyed tours of the Chattanooga Plant, providing an insider’s view of cement plant operations.


We proudly congratulate the Chattanooga Plant on this milestone anniversary and look forward to the next 100 years!


25 August 2023

Alamo Cement Company and Maryneal Plant Earn 2023 PCA Energy and Environment Awards

Buzzi Unicem USA proudly announces two of our facilities as recipients of the industry’s prestigious awards from Portland Cement Association.

The Alamo Cement Company received the Energy Efficiency Award for their Solar Plant Project. As the largest customer owned solar plant in the local energy service provider area, the farm has the potential to contribute 15% of the total power usage at the plant.

Buzzi Unicem USA’s Maryneal Plant was honored with the Outreach Award, for their devoted service to the community. Their outstanding commitment to projects include: the revitalization and remodel of the Maryneal Community Center, participation in the environmental education program, known as Kids on the Land, and donation of machinery, tooling and training to Sweetwater High School.

The PCA Energy and Environment Awards recognize companies that have implemented outstanding environmental practices and have forged exemplary relationships with communities where their cement plants are located. All of the award winners will be recognized during a luncheon at the PCA Fall Committee and Council Meetings, taking place in October in Nashville, TN.


03 October 2023

Chattanooga and Maryneal Plants Given 2023 PCA Safety Awards

Portland Cement Association recently honored two of our Buzzi Unicem USA plants with the Chairman’s Safety Performance Awards. Our Chattanooga, TN and Maryneal, TX facilities received the awards for operating without having a reportable injury or illness during the year. Fifteen member plants received the honor, representing more than 10% of all active cement facilities in the United State and its territories. 

Buzzi Unicem USA commends these facilities for their dedication to excellence in employee safety and health.


05 September 2023

Sandro Buzzi has crossed his final finish line

On September 4th, at the age of 90 years and 2 months, Sandro Buzzi concluded his earthly journey.
We like to remember with affection and emotion his role as an enthusiastic, optimistic, passionate and empathetic leader.


Sandro Buzzi had a long, beautiful, challenging and successful life. His story is inextricably linked to that of the company, since 1957, when as a young chemical engineer he was called by his father Luigi, to take care of the transition from natural to artificial cement. Over the years he had developed an almost unique knowledge and specialization of cement technique and technology. His passion for the product led him to extend his scope of knowledge and work to product application as well, especially the standards and quality of the nascent ready-mix concrete industry. Starting in the 1980s, he held various top executive roles within the group and, supported by brothers Franco and Enrico, was the architect of the main phases of company development (acquisition of Unicem in 1997 and Dyckerhoff in 2001).


Sandro Buzzi also had a great love for the sea, in particular offshore sailing. He participated in many competitions as a skipper, at all levels, all over the world. With his sailing hobby, he applied the same passion for technology, by embracing the use of the sextant and the development of innovations such as twin foils coupled with canting keel.


We will continue to follow his example of dedication and love for work, family and business.

23 March 2023

Dan Nugent Receives Portland Cement Association’s Inaugural Staff Appreciation Honor Award

Dan Nugent, Senior Vice-President, Technical Services & Government Affairs, received the inaugural Portland Cement Association’s Staff Appreciation Honor Award at the March 13th Joint PCA/National Ready Mixed Concrete Association/National Stone Sand and Gravel Association Spring  Meetings in Las Vegas.

During his 30 years of volunteering for PCA, Dan served on numerous councils and committees, including the Government Affairs Council, the Industry Communications Committee, and the Energy and Environment Committee.

This year, PCA created the Staff Appreciation Honor to recognize volunteers who have dedicated significant time and effort on the association’s committees and councils. The staff-selected award recognizes those who have helped PCA member companies in advancing the U.S. cement and concrete industry’s initiatives.

“For more than three decades, PCA has been fortunate to have benefited from Dan’s incredible knowledge, ideas, insights, sense of humor and his simple desire to help PCA be the best association it can be,” said Mike Ireland, PCA President and CEO. “Dan is the definition of service and will be deeply missed by all.”

Dan will retire at the end of March.

10 March 2023

Buzzi Unicem Rejects Recent Allegations Against Its Reputation

We are aware of a defamatory campaign against Buzzi Unicem which has been launched since
the beginning of February, aiming to undermine the company’s reputation. The dissemination of
the contents has been taking place through posts on social networks and/or direct messages.

The contents disseminated by the organizations claim that Buzzi Unicem SpA, a company
domiciled in Italy, is somehow involved in activities carried out by the subsidiary SLK Cement, a
company domiciled in Russia, which would support the war of aggression against Ukraine.

Buzzi Unicem already clarified in its press release dated 12 May 2022 the decision to cease with
immediate effect any operational involvement in the activities carried out by the subsidiary SLK
Cement in Russia and to suspend all strategic initiatives and investments in the country. This
means no involvement of our management in the decision-making process related to local
initiatives and commercial actions.

SLK Cement is a Russian domiciled entity operating exclusively in that country and therefore
subject to domestic legislation. Payment of taxes and having employees being mobilized to the
army are not discretionary decisions, rather legal obligations within the Russian jurisdiction. These
implications are independent of ownership and are in no way affected by the affiliation to an
international group.

Contrary to the allegations, Buzzi Unicem is present in Ukraine since 2001 and is one of the
leading manufacturers of cement and ready-mix concrete of the country. Despite significant
financial losses incurred as a consequence of the Russian invasion, Buzzi Unicem did not stop
operations in Ukraine, keeps supplying products to Ukrainian customers, paying taxes in Ukraine
and providing job and humanitarian aid to its nearly 1000 employees and families in the country.

Casale Monferrato, 10 March 2023

Company contacts:
Investor Relations Assistant
Ileana Colla
Phone: +39 0142 416 404
Email: icolla@buzziunicem.it