28 November 2021

Stockertown Wildlife Habitat Council Success Story

Stockertown recognized for Building a Legacy of Environmental Stewardship through Education and Collaboration

Since 2013, the Stockertown Plant has been certified by the WHC in recognition of the significant effort and resources the plant has committed to improve diversity of habitats on corporate lands, as well as, contributing to education and conservation.  The dedicated lands include ponds, grasslands, streams and orchards.  The various habitats have been host to multiple middle and high school students annually, with lessons developed specifically to align with Pennsylvania’s STEM education standards, and even becoming an integral part of local AP courses and science clubs. The overall goal of these efforts has been to raise student awareness about the environment and local habitats and spark their interest in environmentally related careers.

The project was recently recognized in a new Wildlife Habitat Council Success Story that explores how the corporate conservation program at Buzzi Unicem USA’s Stockertown plant in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley has created opportunities for STEM education, CO2 reduction, employee engagement and legacy building. Read more here